We specialize in chasing steelhead with the fly on the wild and scenic Klickitat River. The Klickitat has a strong run of two salt steelhead averaging in the eight to ten pound range with fish weighing in the teens not uncommon. These steelhead are known for fighting hard and their willingness to chase down the fly. They enter the river from June to November, which gives an angler a very long window to chase these great fish. From wet wading to wool hats you can find chrome bright fish.


Thought I would forward you this photo that Rick sent me. The subject title and the straight rod says it all. Anyways, I enjoyed the trip and had a great time fishing with you, again. Thanks for all you do and the extra effort you put out to help make the trips so enjoyable.I was looking at photo’s from the last three years of fishing on the Klickitat and it seems I have been able to land one nice native Buck every year. I think the one I caught this year is the best steelhead I have ever caught, not the biggest, just the best feeling fish. Hopefully, I didn’t just jinx myself by saying that. I’ sure we’ll be seeing you next year and remember to give a shout if you get down this way. We could go get a beer or something like that. 

man on boat fishing


Travis Wallace is a skilled fishing guide, willing to handle anglers from beginners to veterans.  He's a capable and patient teacher who knows well the tributaries of the Columbia River Gorge.  He's knowledgeable about the variety of fish and wildlife in the area, and alert to point them out.  He also packs a mean lunch!! 

Man in boat and man in stream, both holding fish just caught

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