Do I really need to bring waders? 

Yes, Although you may not end up wearing them, they are always good to have along.  During the summer months when the water is cold, you will have the option of removing them.  Because of all the different sizes we cannot realistically have waders and boots to loan out. 

Can I keep a fish?

If you land any hatchery steelhead, then by all means you can keep them.  If this is something that you would like to do please bring a cooler in order to transport your fish home.

What methods will we use to fish, SWING VS. nymph?

We will use which ever method that you would prefer.  Typically, fishing with a bobber is more productive because you can present your offering right in front of their face.  Having said that, the way that I fish for steelhead is with the swung fly, however I can be fishing for them within twenty minutes from my front door.

Can I use my own flies?

This is typically a question that I get from people that want to swing the fly and yes you can use your own.  Often times we will look through what you have together and try to find something that we both have confidence in.  However I am fully stocked on flies and they are always available to use throughout the day.

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